10 Quick and Healthy Recipes for 2021

What can I make tonight, for a quick and easy dinner? What is something that’s healthy? Is there someone I could pay to just give me an easy dinner idea?  These are questions I find myself asking all of the time. I will stand there, looking in the refrigerator, thinking what I could cook up tonight, everybody’s going to eat and it won’t take forever to make — I’m sure you can relate! For that reason, I have assembled this list of 60 BEST healthy dinner recipes for you (and us!) which are easy.  They are all across the board—some are balanced dishes, others are a little more indulgent, others are vegetarian, others are a large slab of protein—but their consistency is what integrates them. And you have it here! Our healthiest, simple dinners – all in one spot.


All you need is pasta, tender chicken and broccoli and the most wonderful creamy cheddar mushroom sauce to make this healthy Broccoli Casserole recipe.

2. Baked Ranch Chicken Recipe {Healthy Sheet Pan Dinner}

It is easily the most perfect and tasty weekend meal of all.  Chicken breasts are covered with a mix of sour cream ranch, panko, cheddar, parmesan, a little more ranch seasoning, and then baked until the color is golden brown.  This is one of the best chicken breasts recipes ever to cook and it will fast become a favorite dish for your family!

3. Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

In case you get in a pinch, save that white styrofoam container—we are making a simple Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken today.  Its sweet sticky sauce is alluring, but made of healthful, fresh ingredients for your preferred consumption.  The formula is just eight ingredients (9 if you’re a perfectionist and you count the rice), and you’ll have them all in your kitchen when if frequently prepare Asian meals (which means you have soy sauce).

4. Spicy Ranch Chopped Chicken Cabbage Salad

Spicy ranch chopped chicken cabbage salad created with a rainbow of vegetables including bell peppers, carrot, crispy cabbage, sweet corn and a fire-like kick from jalapeño. Top this balanced chopped chicken salad with a homemade spicy greek yogurt ranch dressing for a deliciously filling salad that will keep you happy!

5. Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta

Learn how to make this basic recipe into a creamy chicken pesto pasta meal in less than 30 minutes! Creamy, cheesy and full of taste, it’s going to be a new favorite soon!

6. Skinny White Chicken Enchiladas

Tasty chicken wrapped in tortillas topped with a thick creamy sauce my sound like a dietary disaster, but that doesn’t have to be! These Slim White Chicken Enchiladas are a creamy enchiladas variant. Just apply the seasoning to the chicken and wrap it in wheat or in corn tortillas and then cover it with a home-made sauce and a reduced fat cheese. Without losing the rich texture, you’ll have lowered the fat content to the creamy enchiladas!

7. Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

You don’t have always have to have something bland for dinner in order to eat healthy and this Sweet Potato Skillet Ground Turkey is evidence of this! The mixture of nutritious ingredients is simple but tasty, will nourish your family and have them urge you to make it again.

8. BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are a simple, nutritious, gluten-free and dairy-free weekend dinner that you will enjoy with the entire family! Paleo and whole30 can also be conveniently made with this recipe of sweet potatoes.

9. Whole30 Steak Bites

Whole30 Steak Bites are a skillet wonder that you can go back to every time! Simple, fast, nutritious and filling, this is very good real food at its finest.

10. Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

This honey garlic chicken stir fry recipe is filled with chicken, broccoli and carrots all covered with the simplest sweet and tasty sauce. The entire family would enjoy this healthier meal option!


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