17 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas

diy angel ornament

There are certain rules when it comes to Christmas tree decorations.  For me, the ones on my tree are a combination of handmade childhood ornaments, sweet and nostalgic decoration that is have been gifted over the years.  Some of them are chipped and have dents in them, and some are certainly missing, but I’m a sucker for a tree that’s not so sparkling and polished!  You’ll enjoy the simple ornament ideas ahead if you agree!

Place yourself a cup of hot cider, organize your art supplies and enjoy your vacation by making homemade ornaments (then make adorable DIY stockings). 

Any of these ornaments, including clay designs and beaded candy canes, can also be created for your little ones.  This year’s DIY Christmas decorations are going to be such a fun project for you and your children.  They may even make your surprise DIY presents for mom!  Whatever their used for or wherever they’re hung, you will cherish these handmade ornaments for years.

1. DIY Snow Globe Ornament

Keepsake ornaments are the best way for a stroll down the tree’s memory lane every year.  These little DIY ornaments are so cute when it’s full of kids works of art and fake snow.  They hang on the tree in a beautiful way which will also be a perfect present.

2. Walnut Shell Baby Jesus Ornament

Create an ornament of a rustic baby Jesus in a walnut shell with this tutorial.  This Christmas craft can be made, simple for children and adults.  Creating a baby ornament of Jesus in a half walnut shell manger is a great way for children to spend time on this holiday.

These magnificent DIY Baby Jesus Ornaments make it a unique concept for friends and family as a gift. Hang the ornament on the Christmas tree or use the Baby Jesus as part of the scene of Holy Family Nativity, finished with baby Jesus in a walnut shell.

3. Cinnamon Stick Ornament

These are simple to make the Christmas ornaments out of a Cinnamon Stick.  It is a great little present to give to a friend or to put on your tree!

4. Handmade Christmas Ornaments – Popsicle Stick Sleds

There’s at least one homemade Christmas decoration you should make each year.  They bring a personal spin and a look back at older ornaments when you pull out the decorations for Christmas.  This popsicle sled ornament is a great idea, especially if you want to go with a winter cabin theme.

5. DIY Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

For centuries Mason Jars and Mason Jar lids have been used, but we have seen a lot of non-traditional usage in the last few years.  If you’re starting to work on your homemade Christmas ornaments, these are easy and quick to make.

6. Felt Coffee Cup Christmas Ornament

Felt is a fabric everybody likes because it’s easy to deal with and a lot can be made with it.  Felt Christmas decorations are really common and several different decorations can be made and they won’t take long.  Let’s look at a few interesting ideas to try – all these decorations can be easily created by you, without any specific instructions.

7. Snowman Paper Ornament

8. Cowboy Ornament

9. Knit Bauble

If you knit, this will be a really nice decoration!  This is a Christmas bauble which is simple to make and something different.  It’d make a perfect present too for a knitter you know.

10. Jingle Bells Scrabble Ornament

Creating Christmas ornaments is such a fun tradition for your families, and makes it so easy for your kids to use with Jingle Bells Scrabble Christmas Ornaments!

11. DIY Acorn Marble Ornament

Acorn marble ornaments are a basic natural art that children may add to the Christmas tree.  On your Christmas craft list this year, make sure to have this lovely rustic natural DIY ornament on it!

12. Sheet Music Ornaments

These ornaments are made simply with sheet music and sticks from the Christmas tree.  Kids can give this out as a homemade gift to a professor of music or a sweet present for any music lover.  

13. Essential Oil Diffuser Ornament

Here’s a homemade project with an essential oil diffuser – but it goes on your Christmas tree!  The essential oil diffuser becomes an ornament that is made out of ribbon, regular beads, and some porous lava beads.  The lava beads keep and distribute the oils to guarantee that your home smells like Christmas!

14. Wine Cork Gnome Ornaments

Create these beautiful Swedish gnomes to make the holidays more fun, and happy.  Take some wine bottle corks and proceed.

15. DIY Vinyl Christmas Ornament

16. DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

17. Grinch Ornament

With this basic DIY Grinch decoration, add that devious smile to your Christmas tree!  The Santa Grinch Cut File is free, just add a plastic ornament and green paper as filler, and you’ll have a lovely new ornament that can make for a great homemade gift as well!


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