7 Stylish & Affordable Watches for Men

Check out some of the most trendy watches this year, which don’t cost too much.  They are suitable for casual or high quality dressing.

Article Image from: Seventeenth Watches

1. Timex Fairfield Leather Strap Watch

Timex is a cost-effective watch.  Improve your regular appearance with this sleek face and strap.

From: Esquire


The Neptune is elegantly understood on a surface level.  The silver band’s and white face give it a classic look.  However, you will begin to note that the specifics really differentiate this watch.

Crisp blue accents, a textured design, and the motto of the Seventeenth brand, make the watch look great and transform the Neptune into a genuinely special product, from ‘a great watch’ to a conversation piece.

From: Seventeenth Watches


This series blends the classical influences with unique elements in a finely made timepiece and is very carefully planned with a timeless look in mind.  Accessible men’s watches.  The 42mm polished black case is paired with a black dial.  A durable black steel meshband, which can be dressed at any time, completes the piece.  A classic accessory for the modern gentleman.


4. Crownarch Chrono-R1

The Chrono-r1 Crownarch is placed in an ocean blue sunray dial in a rose gold casing.  This flashy watch is a real conversation piece and is waterproof to 3ATM, featuring a Japanese VD51 movement.

It is reasonably large at 43mm on the wrist, making it a statement piece.

From: Man Of Many

5. Sekonda

Sekonda was founded in 1966 and is a British watch brand.  They began selling mechanical watches in Russia but relocated to Hong Kong since then.  Sekonda has become the UK’s number one watch company and has gained an outstanding reputation.  It is no wonder that they have become so popular selling trendy premium watches at such a low cost.

From: Patyrn’s

6. Komono Walther Chronograph Watch

Komono, based in Belgium, has a smart, pared down accessory solution.  The name of the game is when it comes to making anything seem more costly than it truly is.

From: Esquire

7. Equinox Pilot

These watches give every outfit an unprecedented design.  Equinox watches offer lavish features, although they guarantee that they will never break the bank.

From: Equinox Watches

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