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10 Quick and Healthy Recipes for 2021

What can I make tonight, for a quick and easy dinner? What is something that’s healthy? Is there someone I could pay to just give me an easy dinner idea?  These are questions I find myself asking all of the time. I will stand there, looking in the refrigerator, thinking what I could cook up […]

12 Tasty Fall Cocktail Recipes

Can you feel that fall breeze?  That means it’s about that time.  Time for some fall cocktails!  Along with the autumn season, some of the most exquisite flavors come about:  pears, cranberries, apples, nutmeg and ginger spices.  You can’t pair these in delicious cocktails in any other time but the fall.  Autumn Harvest Fall Sangria […]

12 Simple And Fun Fall Table Setting Ideas

With the seasons changing so too will our table settings. Bringing a bit of the outside world inside, filling your home with light and love, and generally brightening up what can be a somewhat dreary season is always fun and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. Here are a few fun and fast ideas […]

12 Tasty Vegan Burrito Recipes

1. Vegan Mega Burrito Article image from: Pinch Of Yum This is a tasty burrito in Tex-Mex style.  It can also be remixed into nachos, tacos and quesadillas. Get the full recipe here. 2. Epic Vegan Burrito Article image from: thecheekychickpea Get a load of the Epic Vegan Burrito!  Packed with black fried beans, vegan […]

Perfect Spring Break Destinations in 2020

Oh, spring break – the only reason to really even go to college these days.  Spring break is the light at the end of the tunnel after a long, brutal winter of research, the break that helps you to rest, refresh, and brace yourself emotionally for the last few weeks of lessons, reports, and tests.  […]

12 Spring Cocktail Recipes Perfect for Brunch

One of these tasty spring cocktails can easily be the highlight of brunch!  Choose any one of these awesome recipes for your next BBQ or party and let your guests simply enjoy. 1. Honey Citrus Cocktail The Honey Citrus cocktail is made with Skyy Flavored Dragon Fruit vodka and mildly sweetened with sugar. It also […]

8 Perfect Super Bowl Snack Ideas

Call a play with these favorite treats for your Super Bowl party.  If you go to the big game or have friends to hang out to watch on the big screen, these treats are great for any crowd.  Call for hot, homemade snacks and appetizers without siting at the dinner table while watching the game.  […]

diy angel ornament

17 Easy Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas

There are certain rules when it comes to Christmas tree decorations.  For me, the ones on my tree are a combination of handmade childhood ornaments, sweet and nostalgic decoration that is have been gifted over the years.  Some of them are chipped and have dents in them, and some are certainly missing, but I’m a […]

baggage holiday travel tips

Useful Holiday Travel Tips

The late December and early January holidays are popular times to travel, often to see relatives far away as families get together. It should be a great chance to unwind and ring out the old year while ringing in the new, or just an occasion to express family love and share gifts and time with […]

benefits of green juice

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Green Juice?

Did you know that making one small change to your diet could make a huge difference? One of the best things that you could do for your health and well-being is to drink a green juice every day. This is true because green vegetables are optimal foods for healing, rejuvenating and cleansing the body. Drinking […]