12 Simple And Fun Fall Table Setting Ideas

With the seasons changing so too will our table settings. Bringing a bit of the outside world inside, filling your home with light and love, and generally brightening up what can be a somewhat dreary season is always fun and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. Here are a few fun and fast ideas to really change up your table.

1. Table Cloth

A dark base for all of the fun things you do during the fall is a good choice for a table cloth that you use every day. For special events, picking one that is a light color in the middle but has a fun decorate edge in classic fall colors, will brighten up your dining room and really underscore how special the event you are hosting is to you. Pick one that can be easily washed as cranberry sauce, soups, and cooking grease tend to get spilled a lot during the holidays. Consider making one with a hand print from everyone in your family to underscore how important family time can be.

2. Center Piece

Leaves, nuts, harvested grains, and spindly trees are all things that let us know fall is here and that Halloween and Thanksgiving tend to share. A black candlestick that looks like a branch or a small tree with a wreath of fall leaves and sprinkled with fall berries is a statement piece that no-one will soon forget. Another option is several small gourds and pumpkins that you cook over a few weeks, this option works great for families who want to familiarize children with their food and instill good eating habits.

3. Settings Themselves

Many people choose to have different dish sets for different seasons or to have place mats and rings that go on their cups and really change the vibe of the space. If you choose to go with a fall theme for dishes, darker more natural colors such as brown and green will generally set off a space better than white or bright colors. Try to stick with a natural color palette and consider older silverware with interesting tarnish marks for a vintage feel. For place mats and glass rings, you really can’t go wrong with fall leaves and adorable little pumpkins.

4. Utensils

Halloween and Thanksgiving are some of the most fun holidays and also some of the most boring for many people. Make it fun by breaking out your older and more expensive flatware for a night of Hollywood glam. Drape your cups in fake pearls, polish the silverware until it shines, give everyone a fun masquerade mask, and use it as an excuse to get dressed up nicely. Imagine how fun a formal Thanksgiving or a roaring 20’s themed Halloween party could be!

Make a few changes or make a ton, either way your dining room and your dinners are going to be a lot more fun this fall with just a few alterations. Consider what you want your home to look like, how you want to use it, and how easy the items you want are to clean and store before making any big decisions, your table settings should work with your life.


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